All our radio station competitions and promotions are run under this strict set of rules to make them fairer for everyone involved. Unless specified otherwise, entries are limited to one per household or primary residence. Additional entries are acceptable from family members of entrants already in the draw of a competition or promotion if their permanent address differs. Unless specified otherwise, entry is restricted to persons aged 16 and above.
In all competitions and promotions the judge's decision is final. No claim will be entertained and no correspondence will be entered into. By entering any competition or promotion on this radio station the right to lodge a claim is forfeited by the entrant and by any member of the entrant's family.
No employee of this radio station or their families or employees and families of associated companies, employees, volunteers or associates of radio stations operating in the same area may enter any competition or promotion run by this radio station.
All entrants to competitions or promotions indemnify this radio station against any form of claim by themselves, their relatives or friends.
Where any prize on offer is a motor vehicle all entrants must possess the appropriate full driving licence for that class of vehicle.
Where the prize on offer is an overseas holiday it is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that they hold the necessary visas and passports and have taken insurance to protect their interests abroad.
Where the prize on offer is free meals, entrance to events, use of facilities or fuel then vouchers/letters (or combinations thereof) will be sent to the winners.
No cash value is assigned to any prize offered except actual cash prizes. There is no surrender value of a prize or equivalent of prize offered.
Where a competition final requires the presence of the entrant no claim will be entertained in the event of failing to appear and any prize being won will be forfeit as a result.
No purchase is necessary.
In the interest of fairness, it is this radio station's policy to encourage as many different prize winners as possible.  Therefore, once a prize has been won, the recipient is ineligible to win that particular competition again for at least one week (times may vary). This does not affect your chance of winning other station competitions.