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We broadcast this programme live on the air and to around 250,000 people in and around Southsea Common on the night of the Trafalgar 200 Son & Lumiere, where the battle of Trafalgar was re-enacted.

We take you back to Portsmouth 100 years after the batte of Trafalgar, meeting a sailor who served on board HMS Victory in 1905. We'll hear archive audio from sailors who were at Britain's next major sea battle after Trafalgar- the battle of Jutland in 1916.

We also come up to date to meet those behind Trafalgar 200 and Britain's First Sea Lord recounts a personal story on a night where many of us had thoughts back to earlier times.
Part 1
HMS Victory in 1905 and the Battle of Jutland.

Part 2
Meet Nelson of 2005 and the First Sea Lord.

With thanks to the Imperial War Museum, Commander Mark Leaning and all of the 'T200' team.
Navy Radio interviews by Josette Lesser, Paul Morris, Andy Freeman and Mark Page.

This Navy Radio production is now in the sound archives of the Imperial War Museum.