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Thanks for visiting our website and for listening in the Portsmouth area on 87.9 FM or online. June was a trial broadcast by Navy Radio Ltd to Royal Navy Personnel, dependents and MoD civillians using an Ofcom Restricted Service Licence for the Portsmouth area giving us 10w of power, the maximum normally allowed in this area. To spread listening and to enhance response to Navy Radio from Navy personnel around the globe, our Portsmouth station was also available online (You can hear our T200 coverage here).
Your feedback is important to us, so we can let the Royal Navy know what you think of Navy Radio and a dedicated radio service both on the air and online.
If you wish to give your support for a full time Navy Radio service then please write to us at:
Navy Radio, NAAFI Financial Queen Street, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth.

Or you can cut and paste the text below into an e-mail to:


Then fill it in. Thanks!
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